Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Organic Lamb and All Natural Grass Fed Beef.

  • Locally raised at family farm in Epping, New Hampshire.

  • U.S.D.A. Federally Inspected, vacuum sealed and processed in Goffstown, NH. All meat is aged for two weeks and frozen.

  • Average lamb is 35-40 pounds and typically provides 8 lamb chops, 1 rack of lamb, 5-6 roasts, burger, short ribs and stew meat. Cost is $6.50/pound.

  • Beef is available as 1/2 side, 1 side or 2 sides. One-half of a side is typically approximately 150 lbs hanging weight and yields approximately 120 lbs of meat.

  • Beef is priced based upon hanging weight, with all cuts subject to one pricing rate of $4.75/pound. As an example, 1/2 side of beef would cost approximately $700-$725.

  • Steak thickness, number per package and roast weight can be selected.

  • Examples of cuts include: T-Bone & Porterhouse; Tenderloin; Chuck steak; London broil; Sirloin; Shoulder steak; Top of the round steaks; Chuck roast; Prime rib roast; Top of the round roast; Bottom of the round roast; Eye of the round roast; Shoulder roast; Hamburger; Steak tips, Short ribs and Stew meat. Dog bones, Soup bones, Shank, Liver and Heart available if desired.

  • Pick-up and deposit is required.

  • Please contact Jack or Linda Clarke at 603.659.3258 to place an order.
The Clarke Farm
134 Camp Lee Road
Epping, NH 03040
Phone: 603.659.3258

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